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Choosing a career is the most defining moment in a student’s journey. Every child deserves the best. We provide unbiased career counselling & aptitude testing for India & Abroad. We assess a student’s aptitude, personality, and interest, resulting in a comprehensive report with career recommendations. Applying for higher studies in India & Abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice but extend it to help you make the right ‘career decision’.

Choosing the right career is one of the most significant decisions in the career development process. Most of the students really don’t know much about their passion, interest, abilities, personality, and values which is crucial for any decision making pertaining to their career. We at Global Campus understand this perplexity of students & help them know what they are cut out for.

Our career counsellors hold professional degrees and have immense experience in the area of career counselling. They are experts in assessing your competencies and marrying them with the appropriate career options for you. Our career counselling service ensures that you choose the suitable career ladder which is leaning against the right wall.

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We have researched and compiled information on 600+ entrance exams, 10,000+ college admission processes & 500+ scholarships for Indian institutions. Our students get real-time updates on all the required information via email or SMS which bring them up to the speed. This service of ours is unique and extremely helpful for school students to remain on top of every vital information & make an informed decision.



Our flagship services include Online & classroom-based training for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT as well as English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL (iBT) and PTE.

Students applying to international universities may be required to take standardised tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL etc. These exams provide a common denominator to universities for comparison of applicants. These exams are given a lot of weight by exceedingly competitive universities in admission related decision-making process.

We help you know the scores that your targeted universities have benchmarked for various courses. We can also get you an exemption from these tests on a case to case basis.



Choosing the right country and university is of utmost importance in your study abroad

Choosing the right country and university is of utmost importance in your study abroad endeavour. Our skilled counsellors assist you in streamlining your process

Our counsellors are internationally trained. They exercise all the necessary due diligence to match a student’s profile to the best possible university. Due to our extensive network of world-class institutes, our exceptionally qualified counsellors are in a position to give you more options for International Universities than other education consultants for your desired career goals.

Our team of counsellors painstakingly conduct a comprehensive profiling job to guide you to the best country, university & course.

Our team of counsellors painstakingly conduct a comprehensive profiling job to guide you to the best country, university & course.



Your application to the university is a deciding factor in getting the admit. It is your first introduction to the admissions committee.

It’s one thing to apply to your favourite university, it’s another thing to get admission. We give the greatest attention to all applications as if we ourselves are going to study abroad. We guide students to craft unique SOPs & ensure meticulous presentation of other documents to their selected university. The counsellors at Global Campus help you improve upon any grammar or content issues found during the inspection of your documents. Our experts ensure that a quality profile has been presented to the chosen institution.

Our proven ways have helped many students to secure admissions at their dream universities.

Our proven ways have helped many students to secure admissions at their dream universities.



Once you get an admit in your desired course abroad the next or rather the final significant step is of visa-processing.

We hand-hold you through the entire visa process. Our Visa Consultants provide comprehensive guidance on documents that are required to be submitted with the visa application. Since it is a no-tolerance-zone for the Organisation hence each document is screened a number of times by different consultants to ensure zero error in the application.

We also prepare students for the interview that they may have with the embassy. Our serious dedication to this process has helped us attain a success rate of almost 100%.



Our range of value-added services includes assistance for Education Loan, Financial Aid, Pre-Departure Briefing, Forex, Travel, and Accommodation Assistance.

International Students are awarded scholarships and fee waivers on the basis of academic merits and as per their profile submissions. Students are offered scholarships/financial assistance based on their academics, performance on standardised exams & extra-curricular activities. Another important point which is considered for scholarships is how you have presented your profile to the institution. The judgment on your profile can hand you amazing fee waivers or scholarships. Our counsellors guide you through the list of possibilities and fee waivers as per course & university.

Our experts would share all the required information prior to your flight and landing in the new country of your choice so that you have the appropriate information regarding your migration, travel & staying abroad. We conduct seminars, Skype sessions, etc sharing detailed insights into the various facets of the student life that they are going to witness when they travel abroad.

We also share a comprehensive Pre-Departure Kit with all of our students so that their travel is worry less. And you must attend these seminars as our Experts would guide you through with all the required things.


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