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Six Reasons Why Data Scientists Should Write About Their Area Of Expertise

Data Science is one of those blessed fields where an individual can achieve that unique balance between human interaction, technical knowledge and career growth. Data science sector is flourishing to such an extent that our earlier jobs study revealed that there are currently more than 97,000 job openings for analytics and data science in India […]

Why Indian students should explore the community college pathway

A fundamental transformation is underway in the college counselling profession. Overwhelmed by the cost of attending college, discouraged by a byzantine application process and less than transparent evaluation rubric, a growing number of parents and students are looking for alternative pathways. While higher education has not evolved as quickly as other industries, alternative pathways to […]

US Study Visa : All you Need to know while applying for US Study Visa

Study in US Consultants in Delhi The US is the most popular study abroad destination for Indian students. The country attracts more than 1,86,000 Indian students and this number has been increasing steadily over the past years as more and more students are considering studying abroad. The procedure to obtain the US student visa is […]

How casinos are using AI to spot big losers

Facial Recognition, Digital Poker Chips, Baccarat Tables Track Customer Behaviour To Find Appetite Risk The house always wins — and now it has artificial intelligence on its side. Some of the world’s biggest casino operators in Macau, the Chinese territory that’s the epicenter of global gaming, are starting to deploy hidden cameras, facial recognition technology, […]

Study Abroad: Ten Indian students to be the ambassadors for South Australia

Study in Australia Consultants in Delhi In order to promote educational excellence, StudyAdelaide — an agency of the Government of South Australia has selected ten Indian students as ambassadors for 2019. The students who are in the age group of 20-25 years, with a few having work experience of a couple of years will be […]

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

When Jonathan Goldman arrived for work in June 2006 at LinkedIn, the business networking site, the place still felt like a start-up. The company had just under 8 million accounts, and the number was growing quickly as existing members invited their friends and colleagues to join. But users weren’t seeking out connections with the people […]

Business Schools Say MBA Rankings Can’t Be Trusted

There’s a growing concern among business schools who say rankings fail to reflect the true quality of MBA programs MBA rankings are failing to reflect the true performance of the flagship business school programs, according to 1,291 school administrators, students, graduates, and employers. Just one in 10 believes that rankings do this, according to the […]

Average GMAT Scores For The World’s Top 20 MBA Programs 2019

If you’re looking to get accepted into a top MBA program, aiming for the class average GMAT score is a good way to start The GMAT test is more than just a series of quantitative and verbal questions. For some, it’s the springboard to a top quality MBA program. For others, it’s the first step […]

180 Useful Synonyms Words List | IELTS Vocabulary

Synonyms Words List for IELTS Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning, to another word. They can be lifesavers when you want to avoid repeating the same word over and over. Here is the useful list of synonyms words for IELTS in English. Accurate – correct Achieve – accomplish Active – […]

Virtual classroom launched to prepare for IELTS on the go

The British Council has launched virtual classes for IELTS; Keeping up with the approach of online learning and enabling candidates from every nook of India to receive quality training for clearing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, Virtual classroom launched to prepare for IELTS. Known as ‘IELTS Coach,’ this virtual classroom is a […]

Planning to study in the West? Here’s what you need to know about student visas

Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi The procedure for Australian, British and Canadian student visa is fairly document based and rarely involves an interview with a visa officer. As just your documents are reviewed, you have to meet all the specific requirements set by the respective countries and have to be immaculate while following the […]

Here’s why Adelaide is emerging as a popular destination in Australia for international students

Study Australia Consultants in Delhi With cheaper rent, great scholarship opportunities and a multicultural environment that consists of around 38,000 international students from 130 countries all over the world, Adelaide makes for an ideal destination for Indian students to study abroad, writes Andrew Houey Australia has for some time now been one of the top […]

Revamp education system to equip students with employable skills, says Venkaiah Naidu

Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu emphasised on the need to revamp the education system to equip students with employable skills while addressing a two-day conference on Industry Academy Interaction for Improvement of Quality of Academics. Calling for a revamp of the education system so that the graduating students were fully equipped with skills to meet the […]

Why Study in Netherland?

Study Netherland Consultants in Delhi You are probably already aware of the fact that the Netherlands has an excellent higher education system. But there are several other good reasons to choose The Netherlands as your study destination. We have compiled a list of reasons for you that have been written by external sources. The Netherlands […]

It’s now official: Joblessness rises with education level

Only 2.1% of illiterate urban men were unemployed in 2017-18, but 9.2% of men with at least secondary education didn’t have a job. The gap was even wider among urban women — 0.8% of those uneducated were jobless whereas 20% of women with secondary or higher education were not employed. The Periodic Labour Force Survey […]

Language skill, job status can help crack Canada’s residency programme

Study in Canada Consultants in Delhi Express Entry System For Permanent Residency Visas Awards Points Based On How Likely One Is To Succeed In The Country Canada’s Express Entry system, for skilled migrants, is points based and experts predict the cut-off point for selection (which is obtaining an invite for permanent residency) during 2019 will […]

Foreign enrolment continues to grow in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands Consultants in Delhi Short on time? Here are the highlights: The number of international students in Dutch universities reached a new record high in 2018/19 Total enrolment of degree-seeking students reached nearly 90,000 students for a 12% increase over the year before Along with this growth, the proportion of non-EEA students among […]

Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi What We Are? We are the study abroad consultants in Delhi. Our founders strongly believe that for every organization. It is of paramount importance to know its purpose, cause or belief that it wants to champion. Knowing “Why” of business is the starting point for any institution. That is planning […]

Study Abroad Consultants in Faridabad

Who We Are? We are the study abroad consultants in Faridabad. Our founders strongly believe that for every organization, it is of paramount importance to know its purpose, cause or belief that it wants to champion. Knowing “Why” of business is the starting point for any institution. That is planning to make a dent in […]

Experts advise students to be adaptive and upskill to stay relevant in future job market: LSE conference

Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi The biggest challenge today is to prepare graduates for Industry 4.0 jobs. While no one can clearly define which roles will cease to exist and which ones will be created, experts advise students to be adaptive and upskill in domains that will shape the jobs of the future. In this […]

Growing & Declining Skills of Future – World Economic Forum

The future workforce must learn to reskill all their lives: IE-Brown University conference

Role of universities needs to transform with the changing demand of the market. Since the future job roles will be different, it is necessary for universities to teach the importance of learning, placing a premium on high-order skills. Besides innovative pedagogies, human capital can survive on adaptability and flexibility to deal with technological disruptions. At […]

Why Indian engineers are unemployable?

Lack of industry exposure makes Indian engineers unemployable According to Aspiring Minds survey, over 80% of the engineers do not know the industry requirements As unemployment looms over India, a new report has recently shown that more than 80% of Indian engineers are unemployable. According to Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Engineers Annual Report 2019, […]

Will robots steal our jobs in future

.Students need to study courses that unlock fear and demystify artificial intelligence and the vast universe Are we alone in the universe?’ and ‘will robots Will robots steal our jobs in future?’ are two of the most fundamental scientific and philosophical questions humanity seeks to answer at present. Some of the world’s greatest minds are […]

Addressing the employability challenge

Only 12% students pass the initial recruitment test during placements, writes Yogesh Kumar Bhatt Various studies have suggested that employability of fresh engineering graduates has dipped significantly. As per a recent study by Manipal ProLearn — NxtGen Whitepaper: Embracing the Disruption — it varies from 41% in premier colleges to 17% in other institutes. The […]

What should we know while applying for an Education Loan

Higher Education is more about sound financial planning. Sujata Ahlawat shares a few tips that will help you in picking the right education loan and timely repayment Education from a renowned institute is often considered an important stepping stone, leading the way to a successful career. However, the cost of education is increasing rapidly, and […]

Why our three biggest job creators are not creating enough jobs?

According to a recent Pew survey, unemployment is one of the key issues in the upcoming elections. The controversial National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) survey data (whose findings are yet to get government backing) states that we lost over three crore jobs in the last six years. It also states that the unemployment rate (6.1%) […]

Are international graduates a boon to the UK job market?

Study in UK Consultants in Delhi Indian students with their problem-solving abilities and strong entrepreneurial skills add value to UK institutions’ global diversity, says academician Chris Day : Rajlakshmi.Ghosh Are international graduates a boon to the UK job market? For Indian students aspiring to study in the UK, the news from overseas should see them […]


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