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At Global Campus, we make it our goal to help students find the best career.


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    Our founders strongly believe that for every organisation it is of paramount importance to know its purpose, cause or belief that it wants to champion. Knowing “Why” of business is the starting point for any institution that is planning to make a dent in the universe. This company came to life in order to uplift Indian students by making them see beyond the obvious career options in India which are not keeping up with the changing real world. Our world is changing very fast but not our colleges & universities & thus the unemployment rate of graduate and postgraduate Indian students is constantly on the rise.


    Our students need institutes that could make them ready for the future. There are many jobs that are present today that were not available a decade ago and this is just a tip of the iceberg. The gap between what academia teaches and what Industry needs is widening at an unprecedented pace in India. Hence Indian students need an academic ecosystem which always keeps them ahead of Industry requirements and that is the purpose Global Campus was founded in 2004 and has been a harbinger of the international education system which is a force behind the success of many Indian students like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Indra Nooyi, and many more.


    We are India’s leading Career Counselling & Overseas Education Organisation & has been a preferred confluence for Indian students and international institutions alike. We help school and college students make an informed career decisions. For India, we have developed well-researched, unbiased & up-to-minute updated content on over 500 careers, entrance exams, and scholarship/competitions. At Global Campus, we believe that One Size Fits One—we don’t try to push a square peg into a round hole—we respect that students have different competencies, aspirations & dreams and thus provide personalised counselling on higher education in various courses across the globe. Our career counselling programs are designed specifically to prepare students well for a successful transition from school to college. We have a strong bandwidth of world-class institutions in countries like USA, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Caribbean, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.


    We take pride in saying that Global Campus has become a favourite one-stop source for students and their parents who are looking for an unbiased career counselling & assessment for India & abroad.


    If our cause resonates with you & inspires you to take action to make something of yourself by realising your true potential then we encourage you to visit us and experience superlative expertise that will help you actualise your dreams.


    We strongly feel that Best Careers are Planned.

    The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

    • 28
    • 800 +
    • 100 %
      Visa Success Rate

    Our Golden Circle


    Our Why


    Everything we do, we believe in keeping the student’s interest in our hearts & minds, we believe in making them successful so that they could make a life and not just living.


    Our How


    * We make relationships and not mere transactions.

    * We conceive admissions just like a mother conceives a baby – parenting every stage right up to delivery & then thereafter.

    * We counsel like parents, which means sometimes, if need be, we come down hard on applicants to help them make the right career decision.


    Our What


    We just happen to be a preferred partner for Systematic Career Counseling and Assessment( India & Abroad ) for students and parents alike.



    * We strongly believe that every child is gifted and deserves the best. Our vision is to help a million of Indian students find the right career by 2025.


    * To be the most trusted, impartial Carer Counselors for India & Abroad.




    * To grow our Footprint with Excellence, Honesty, Integrity & matchless Knowledge.


    * To build strong and credible relationships with Students & partner institutions alike.


    * To provide customized, unbiased solutions to students aspiring to study in India & Abroad

    Our Culture Code


    “Some call it Values”


    We obsess over clients, not competitors.


    We are profoundly transparent.


    We are extremely selective about our peers.


    We challenge the conventional status quo.


    We speak the truth & face the facts.


    We believe in work plus life, not work vs life.


    We are a constant work in progress.


    Results matter more than:

    • The hours we work

    • Where we produce them

    • How much vacation we take


    (Just F*#king Do it)

    Our Elements of Inspiration

    • It’s better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books.

    • We want to be as proud of the people we build as we are of the company we build

    • Your vision is actionable only when you say it out loud. If you keep it to yourself, It will remain a figment of your imagination.

    • Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing

    • Leaders are the ones who have the courage to go first & open a path for others to follow

    • Our struggles are the short term steps we must take on our way for long term success

    • We love data We like to think that our decisions are not data-driven but data powered.

    • If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes and learn to do it later

    • You become the average of five people you hangout with.